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Tuesday, May 19

Weeknight Rewind at The Belcourt Theater!

For those of you in the Nashville, TN area that are fans of bad movies, VHS, and exploitation flicks (who isn't?) listen up! The Belcourt theater, Nashville's arthouse cinema of all things sinister has had a series going for a while now that I've been meaning to tell ya'll about. It's called WEEKNIGHT REWIND, and it's a genius idea.

Host Zach Hall brings three VHS tapes to the theater - that's right, I said VHS - and reads the back of each box, showing a clip from each of the evening's contestants in this analog battle-royale. Then it's up to you, as the audience votes, by applause-o-meter, on which epic will screen that night, projected off of glorious VHS tape!

It is too much fun, and must be seen to be believed. Come join us Tuesday, May 26th for the next entry in this insane series! I'll be there, so come say hi! Did I mention they serve beer, and wine, and mixed drinks there, too? As well as coffee for us old geezers who need help staying awake!

TUESDAY, MAY 26th at 10PM
The Belcourt Theater,
Nashville, TN 

By the way, here's the last film I saw during the Weeknight Rewind series - tell me this doesn't look like something you gotta see!

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