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Sunday, November 30

Helping out The Bat Poet

I made an appearance on CH19 Cable Access TV Saturday night... A long time producer of Nashville public access, Joey Bowker, a.k.a. The Bat Poet, has had a number of medical procedures including open heart surgery, and has even found out he has Diabetes, to top it off. Worse yet, Joey has no health insurance.

Well, Joey is one of the longest tenured members of CATV, Nashville's Public Access channel. He is best known for his crazy show, The Bat Poet.

If you aren't familiar with the Bat Poet, it's an insane public access show where anything can and does happen - a fly by the seat of the pants show that is sort of like a train wreck - you can't turn away. Joey appears in a batman mask, and does pretty much whatever comes to mind onscreen. It's nuts.

Well, after so many years of performing onscreen for free, providing entertainment for the people of Nashville, the station decided to hold a telethon to help raise money for Joey. I offered my services to help out in the event, as I started on access, and am glad to help out a long time producer.

If you'd like to help, it's easy -

Checks made out to Joey Bowker should go to:
Joey Bowker Fund
c/o CAC & MEAC
120 White Bridge Rd. #45
Nashville, TN 37209

here's a Nashville scene newspaper article about Joey and the telethon:

AND, here's a quick youtube video to make you familiar with this crazy man and his insane show!! Long live The Bat!

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