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Monday, November 10

The Creeping Cruds - Tennessee Bloodbath

The Creeping Cruds, Nashville's premiere horror band, has released their second CD, "Tennessee Bloodbath". This cd features 12 high energy tunes filled with blood, monsters, and kick ass guitar licks. Released in October (naturally) of 2008, this one is a terror-ific followup to their first CD, "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became The Creeping Cruds."

On the first CD Jeano Roid did all the singing as well as the lead guitar - This CD features a different singer, Wolfie, who also does a fine job bringing the horror, freeing Jeano up to concentrate on the guitar work. There is also a different bassist this time around, Handsome Jimmy, and a new drummer too, Boomer (who is a long time collaborator with Jeano from previous bands in the past). The final member of the horror troop is McNasty, who was a member of the band from day one and once again provides guitar and vocals.

They all come together to bring a slightly different sound to the Cruds this time around - slightly more polished, I suppose, while retaining the same energy and horror themes fans have come to expect from their live shows.


Blood At The Door

Tennessee Bloodbath

I Was A Teenage Werewolf

I Kicked Dracula's Ass

The Blob

Best Friend's Girl

Chainsaw A Go-Go

Meat And Three



I Killed Santa Clause

Come Out Neville

My favorite song on the CD is one based on the Richard Matheson novel "I Am Legend" - it's called "Come Out Neville" and is especially fun live. All the songs on the CD have little intros or spoken bits between the tracks, adding to the ambiance. This is nice follow up to the first CD and one well worth picking up. Go to www.creepingcruds.com to get your copy today! Tell em' Doc Gangrene sent ya!

Ps – I lied about one thing. There is actually a special hidden track on this cd – but you'll have to pick up your own copy to find out what it is!!

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