Wednesday, February 18

Cinema Suicide

One of the new categories in this year's Rondo Awards is Best Horor Blog - and this looks to be a very tight race. Formerly blogs were lumped in with other websites - which, technically they are, a website that is... but blogs have become such a prevelant force on the internet, that it was inevitable they get their own category, I suppose.

Well, there are some really good blogs on this listthat I was aware of such as Tim Lucas' Video watchblog (former best website winner) and Kirk Demarais' Secret fun spot blog, but also some really cool ones I wasn't aware of... and one such blog just put up a neat little post today about... us!

Bryan White over at Cinema Suicide put up a really neat little entry telling folks all about our "Go Green with Dr. Gangrene" campaign. Bryan does a great job with his blog, writing about all things horror from events to movies and more. Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to Bryan for spreading Gangrene to his readers, and beast of luck to Cinema Suicide in the 2008 Rondo Awards!!

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout Dr. G! We're not even a week in and The Rondos have been a blast. But when I see something like the Go Green campaign, I really feel some responsibility to raise awareness because its importance extends beyond the genre. So keep it up and hopefully I'll see you at Wonderfest.


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