Tuesday, February 3

Nashville City Council Meeting

Tonight I headed down to the Nashville Metro City council meeting with Nurse Moan-eek (Linda Wylie) and our director Cameron McCasland. We were there because tonight was the official presentation for the Go Green with Dr. Gangrene proclamation. It was really incredible to stand there before the city council of Nashville TN, the city where I was born and raised, and be recognized by the city leaders... I was overwhelmed, especially when the council gave us a standing ovation.

I made sure when I spoke at the meeting tonight that I thanked everyone who made it possible, and I also made sure to mention Sir Cecil Creape, the horror host of Nashville TN who paved the way before me. I also want to take a minute to thank Council member Duane Dominy for sponsoring the proclimation, and to thank Cameron for getting the ball rolling and making this all possible.
this pic was taken when we shot the "Two Lane Trash Stop PSA"
from left: Michael Creason, Nurse Moan-eek, Zombie Chuck, Doc Gangrene, Cameron McCasland

Now on to all the projects we have in store for 2009 -
it's gonna be a fun year!!

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