Friday, June 18

Jonah Hex starts Tonight -and review

Wanna say thanks to DC for making this one PG13. That way I can take my youngest to see this movie. Looking forward to it, despite negative reviews.

Ah hell, whadda those guys know anyway?
See ya soon, Jonah...


I just got back from the theaters where my son Luke and I saw Jonah Hex tonight - thought I'd amend this post and add my thoughts (and I also changed the flub above - don't know why I mistakenly mentioned Marvel above, when I clearly know Jonah's a DC character, but my mistake is rectified now).

 This movie was a ton of fun! It was a slightly spooky western big screen comic book - exactly what you'd expect from a Jonah Hex movie. Guess I can now say I have seen a Megan Fox movie I didn't fall asleep in - (haven't ever been able to make it through either Transformers despite repeated attempts).

I heard a lot of negative comments about this movie - don't know what people expected... I mean c'mon, it's no sillier than James Bond. Lighten up and let yourselves enjoy something, for cryin out loudLife's too short. Go see Jonah, folks. It was a good western with horror overtones and a lot of comic book logic.

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  1. I don't get why Jonah Hex is receiving much low ratings. It is rattling diverting, and has teemingness of activeness and shadow comedy. I've never read any of the comics, so I couldn't comparability it. Josh Brolin pulls an surprising execution as Book Hex. One night, Jonah's dominating official, Quentin Turnbull murders Prophet's phratry and brands his tackling with a hot implement.


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