Tuesday, October 26

My favorite Halloween decorations

I was looking around online recently and came across some of these Halloween cutouts from the 1970s. These were made by the Beistle company, and they are probably my favorite Halloween collectable of all time. They're not really all that valuable, but I love them because they scream Halloween to me. I have a few of these, and remember many of the others from when I was a kid. Takes me right back to my childhood.


  1. I love these too, I remember seeing them on so many grade school walls as a kid in the 60's!

  2. yeah Frederick, I remember them from school too! I tell ya, I need to get one of those skeletons again!

  3. that was so scary but cool idea..
    I guess....I need to get those skeleton 'coz I 'll be attending a party by next week..
    Halloween cubicle


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