Tuesday, September 6

Vincentennial Post #68 - Vincent Price, I like What I Know

Price's lifelong interest in art began when he was a young teen.  The first piece of fine art he ever collected, in his teens, was a small Rembrandt etching which he paid off in installments! According to Victoria Price, Vincent's daughter, it was titled TWO NUDE MODELS, ONE STANDING. It cost him $37.50. He put $5.00 down and made payments through money raised working a number of summer jobs.

In 1959, Vincent Price published a book about art collecting entitled I LIKE WHAT I KNOW.  This is a publicity photo from that time showing Vinnie examining art in a gallery while holding in his hand (what a surprise!) a copy of his new book!  Price fans can easily track down a copy of this book at used book sites, Ebay, etc..  It's illustrated with photos of some of Price's own art collection.

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