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Wednesday, September 7

Vincentennial Post #69 - Vincent's Worst Film?

Vincent Price had a tremendous sense of humor, and that certainly included his opinion of some of the lesser films he performed in.  This is a herald for the 1940 film GREEN HELL from the Robert Taylor Collection. Green Hell is a jungle/suspense/romance flick starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and directed by James Whale. Vincent, still new to Hollywood (his first Hollywood film was 1938's SERVICE DE LUXE), often gleefully pointed out his role in GREEN HELL as one of his worst.  "About five of the worst pictures ever made were in this picture!"  He liked to point out a scene in which Joan Bennett, who is supposed to have been lost in the jungle for a week, shows up with one tiny smudge of mud on her face.  "Lost for a week, and all she got was a smudge."

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