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Tuesday, September 11

Cult Fiction Underground!! and the Black Raven Emporium

A couple of days ago I posted about the Belcourt Theater in Nashville. Well, today I want to tell you guys about another of Nashville's treasures, Logue's Black Raven Emporium, home of Cult Fiction Underground. Run by owner Robert Logue and his wife Cemile, the Black Raven Emporium is a wonderfully quirky shop offering a unique assortment of goodies ranging from vintage clothing and custom t-shirts to used books, DVDs and more. As my friend Randy Fox wrote  in a 2011 article about the Black Raven in the Nashville Scene newspaper -  Think classic department store filtered through 30 years of goth-punk-retro culture. 

The store is located at the corner of Trinity Lane and Gallatin Rd. in East Nashville. On the other side of the building is our favorite tattoo shop, LONE WOLF Body Art. A terrific article about both businesses ran in the March-April issue of the East Nashvillian magazine. (Ben, by the way, is the guy who did my first and only tattoo. I wouldn't have trusted it to anyone else. He is an amazing artist as are all the artists at Lone Wolf. Highly recommended).

But as if that wasn't enough, below the Black Raven lurk even more delights. That's where monster kids in the Nashville area thrill weekly to a creepy and kooky blend of movies in the Cult Fiction Underground! Robert Logue and Bob Slendorn are partners in this subterranean cinematic adventure which consists of a small cozy theater and well stocked bar. It is a truly cool place to hang out and they are showing some fantastic features - everything from classics like Phantasm and Lemora to not-so-classics such as Gorgo and Wild Zero. They also hold special events like the H.P.Lovecraft art show, which featured matching Lovecraft short films shown throughout the evening. 
Check out this interview with Cult Fiction partners Logue and Slendorn at the Monsters from the Basement page here 

Any place that hangs a Barnabas portrait on the wall is ok by me!!

So definitely swing by the Black Raven Emporium for the Cult Fiction Underground some Friday or Saturday night. It is a guaranteed good time with good people. 

Mad Science approved - upcoming films are:
Brain Damage - Sept 21-22, 2012
Basket Case - 28-29, 2012

Basket Case! Yes!! I will definitely be there!!


  1. I came across this place for the first time a few days ago. Made a trip to Nashville and was amazed at the films being played. A local out back said for the upcoming convention in October, some of the cast of NotLD will be there when the film is shown. I'm gonna try to make it there, sounds amazing. Great article, by the way.

    1. Thanks Bartley, and I definitely agree it's a great place that you'll love once you visit it - it oozes coolness.

  2. Excellent Post Doc!

    I'll for sure be there for Basket Case! I love that damn flick!

    Thanks for coming out to the Lovecraft show as well. It was nice to chat with you! We've already started the plans for our next themed show! this December!!

    Adam Baker

    1. It was my pleasure Adam, and I hope to see you at the Basket Case show. I'll probably be there for both that and the Brain Damage one.