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Thursday, October 20

Top 10 John Agar Films Revisited

Back in March I put together this video counting down the top 10 films of sci-fi action hero John Agar. I thought Halloween would be a good time to revisit that list, as there are some fun films on here, and who doesn't love John Agar?

I had the pleasure of interviewing John's son, also named John, in Scary Monster's Magazine #76 - you can read that interview here.

The band THE DEAD ELVI are certainly big fans of John Agar. I put together a music video for their song JOHN AGAR RULES. The Dead Elvi are headed by my buddy kevin Clement and the house band for the awesome Chiller Theatre Expo in New Jersey. For years Zacherley would appear at the show and it was always a tradition to have him come on stage and sing with the band. Now that is awesome!

And last but not least, here is one of my RECOMMENDED MOVIE OF THE WEEK episodes where I recommend a John Agar movie, THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS. B-movie schlocky fun here, folks!

So until next time, this is Dr. Gangrene saying stay mad, and remember, John Agar Rules!

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