Thursday, May 27

Flood Relief Fundraiser

Tomorrow night in Franklin TN my band, Spookhand, is playing at a fundraiser for flood victims. It takes place at THE POND and the bands playing are us, The Creeping Cruds, Radio Death Wave and some others, I think. If any of you are looking for something to do tomorrow night, come rock out with us and help raise money for some folks that could really use it.

Should be a pretty interesting set as far as Spookhand is concerned. Our drummer is out of town, but Boomer, the drummer for the Creeping Cruds, offered to sit in on a few songs with us. We have never practiced even once with Boomer, but I have faith in him. he's a pro and he has our cd, so he'll be familiar enough with the stuff that we can pull it off without too many problems, I think. Oh well, will be entertaining - that's punk rock!!

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