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Monday, August 13

Stop the Insanity!

Some days I just feel like saying fuck it. This whole Facebook thing drives me insane. I am on there constantly, checking in, posting insignificant drivel, reading other people’s posts. Why? I started it as a tool for the show, a way to promote my creative ventures. It became a way to connect with friends, easier than a phone call. It is addictive. At times it is fun. Smart phones and high speed internet keep us connected constantly. We’re such a technologically driven society. But there is something disingenuous about the whole process, you know?

The whole FB experience seems so voyeuristic, and simultaneously needy. Peeking in on others lives and sharing our own, waiting for “likes” to see who approves of our actions, clicking “like” so other people know we approve of theirs. Is this life? Am I living life just so other people can approve? Do I share them only for the satisfaction of a “thumbs-up”?

The idea of Facebook “friends” bothers me. Maybe it’s just the use of that word, friends. Kind of makes one question what a friend is. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. In fact I’ve sort of been forced to reevaluate a lot of things in my life. Strange how that happens sometimes.

In many instances Facebook brings out the worst in people. I’ve disappointed myself by falling into the trap of arguing publicly about politics, religion or other incendiary topics there. I had a good friend give me a much needed kick in the ass about this recently. There is nothing to be gained here. People shouting loudly through the cybersphere just to make themselves heard. Sad.

But why stay on Facebook, if it bothers me? That’s a good question.

Much as I may gripe about things I dislike about FB, there are many people I admire, respect, and consider true friends who have accounts on there, and it is a great way to keep in touch with them. Easy, convenient - It is also a fantastic promotional tool, a way to instantly share my creative endeavors and projects and to connect with like minded artists and professionals. Just this weekend, for instance, I was contacted by a filmmaker who made a neat horror web series, and I’ll be showing it on my TV program. It is a great tool. But that is the thing to remember, I suppose. It is a tool, and as such can be used or abused.

I think this post is simply a cathartic exercise. I don’t mean this as an attention ploy, I’m just honestly examining my own thoughts and feelings on the topic. If I ever decide to drop my FB account I won’t make some public declaration, I’ll just do it. But I don’t think I’m going anywhere just yet. Maybe I need a break from it, a self imposed FB exile of sorts, or a separation to get a little space. I don’t know. More likely I think I just need to change my approach to it. Maybe find a way to still utilize yet obsess less on it.

It’s one more thing to reevaluate in my life, that’s for sure.

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