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Monday, August 6

Derek Koch - Granny and the Hole

Coming up this Friday on the 6ft Plus podcast I interview Derek Koch, the man behind the1951 Down Place and Mail Order Zombie podcasts. In addition to podcasting Derek is also a writer, and his latest story is offered on Kindle for a mere $1.29. It is called Granny and the Hole, and is about a man named Hugh Hall whose mother-in-law has recently passed away. His wife is naturally upset about this, but Hugh thinks he has a way to solve this situation. Unfortunately, that involves packing Granny's corpse in the trunk of his car and driving to a small town in Nebraska where the dead are returning to life....

This is a great little zombie story, well written, fast paced with a unique idea for how the zombie apocalypse began. Definitely worth reading, and it's less than the cost of a cup of coffee!
What are you waiting for? Check it out at:

Dr. Gangrene approved!!

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