Friday, November 5

Rue Morgue Magazine #103 Horror Hosts spotlight

The August 2010 Issue of Rue Morgue Magazine (#103) featured an article on TV horror host Count Gore DeVol. Count Gore, played by actor Dick Dyszel, is one of the legends in the field - he has been hosting movies off and on since the 1970s. He currently hosts a weekly web program at

Gore was, interestingly enough, the very first horror host I came in contact with when I began my show back in the late 90s. I had no idea there was anyone else doing this at the time, and Gore discovered me through the internet. We met in person a few months later and a struck up a friendship from that point on.

Along with the Count Gore article Rue Morgue also ran a page that spotlighted 6 of the top hosts working in the field today, besides Count Gore of course. I am proud to have been included in this bunch, and was glad to see my Dreadful HallowGreen cohort Penny Dreadful in there as well! Click to enlarge and read...

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