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Monday, November 29

Paul Naschy Blogathon - Dr. Jekyll and the Wolfman continued

For part two of the Paul Naschy Blogathon here I thought I'd share a few screen captures from DR. JEKYLL AND THE WOLFMAN. There is a whole lot going on in this movie, and some really cool visuals. I just grabbed a few stills from some of the highlights...

Justine and Imre, newlyweds - this guy HAS to be loaded
cause she's WAAAY outta his league...

The cozy family burial grounds...

trouble with the locals...

Oh crap!

Thins are definitely looking grim...

Waldemar to the rescue!

Imre who?

Your new boyfriend has a secret... a big hairy one.

All this and a mad scientist too? This movie has it all!


Daninsky-Hyde - what a handsome fella!

The man enjoys his work - a real hands on kinda guy!

Naw, he doesn't stand out at all...

Not one of Justine's better days...

Oooh that's gotta hurt!

Uh oh...


  1. Great stuff, Doc! This movie is not usually spoken of in the same breath as WWvVW or Curse of the Devil, and probably deservedly so--but still, it's a lot of fun for the Naschyfile. I really like your observation about Waldemar as monster/superhero. And that black outfit when he first appears--magic!

    Rewatching it recently I was struck again by the perfection of Jack Taylor's eye liner, the indelible hawtness of Shirley Corrigan (who was also delicious in CRIMES OF THE BLACK CAT, sans Naschy), and that amazing sequence where they're conversing in the castle and it's so cold you can see the actors' breath! What troupers!

    Thanks for being a part of the 'thon! Things have been amazing so far--can't wait to see what else is in store!

  2. Thanks Vicar. i really like this movie. It had a lot going for it... an absolutely BEAUTIFUL leading lady, a plot full of twists, and lots of monsters (werewolf, mad scientist and Mr. hyde). It is a unique mash of characters you won't find elsewhere, that's for sure.

    And yeah, that freezing cold room was a trip. What the heck? Upon watching it it seemed to warm up a bit as the scene went along though. They were really putting out some steam at the beginning of that scene but by the end you couldn't really see any breath, so maybe the lights were thawing the scenery a bit. would be interesting to ask Shirley about that scene.