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Monday, November 1

My Halloween Weekend

I had a terror-ific Halloween weekend – started it off Friday by celebrating my 16th wedding anniversary. My wife and I had dinner at The Melting Pot in Nashville. It is a fondue restaurant and a really fabulous place – it is also VERY pricey – I dropped over a hundred bucks on dinner, but what the heck, the 29th only comes around once a year, right?

Saturday evening we headed out to the Franklin Drive-in for a triple feature of horror movies: The Corpse Bride, Resident Evil 4, and The Exorcist. This time around I really enjoyed The Corpse Bride. I didn’t care for it too much when it first came out, but I think that’s because I was comparing it to The Nightmare Before Christmas. Taken on its own it’s a great little movie. Resident Evil is terrible…what a mess of a movie. I've never seen any of the previous Resident Evils so I was at somewhat of a disadvantage, but the film ought to be able to stand on its own regardless. It’s just a big blue-tinted cluster f*ck.

Sunday we ran out and got groceries for Halloween snacks. I made a big pot of chili, and my wife made a cake. Our place was hopping with kids coming in and out all day – the next door neighbor’s daughter asked if I would do her makeup, so around 5 o’clock she came over and I made her up. She was a vampire, and I added some corn-syrup blood on the corner of her mouth and chin that she loved. A couple of other kids had me do their makeup too, and then when it got dark the trick or treaters started to arrive. We had a bunch of kids, as always. We went through 5 large bags of candy.

I always hate for the season to be over, but I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving now. It is one holiday that I begin to appreciate more and more as I get older. No pressure, no presents, no stress, just kick back, enjoy some good food and watch some football. Good times.

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