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Saturday, April 24

Recommended Movie of the Week - Planet of the Apes

It's all monkey business this week with my recommended movie of the week - the 1968 Planet of the Apes. This is actually my favorite all time movie. I love this film. Definitely a true sci-fi classic.

I had such a crush on Nova (Linda Harrison) when I was younger - in fact, I think I still do! I saw her at Wonderfest a couple years back and she still looks terrific!


  1. Same here! One of my all-time favs!

  2. A great pic. It may be my all-time favorite film as well, definitely in the top ten for sci-fi. Folks tend to forget that this film created the model for sci-fi film franchises and product marketing as well. Not to mention the elements of pop culture that the film provided commentary on, from racism to creation vs. evolution. Great stuff.

  3. agreed, guys. This movie is effective on many levels, and all the elements are perfect, from makeup to music to script and direction.