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Saturday, July 24

My God, its almost dark. They'll wake up soon.

I have to admit I'm feeling a bit guilty. I broke down and joined Netflix. After writing my previous post lamenting the fall of the mom and pop video shops I feel like a bit of a hypocrite, but we tried a one month free trial of Netflix and I'm hooked. Streaming movies through our Wii is simply amazing -instant access to an entire library of films and TV shows blows my mind. No wonder video stores are becoming obsolete. They can't compete with all the movies you could want for ten dollars a month right on your television screen, no late fees to ever pay. But that's the future of videos and dvds... hell, buying dvds will probably become a thing of the past. Why bother spending money when you can just call it up on your Netflix cue at a moment's notice?

I re-watched THE OMEGA MAN today, starring Charleton Heston. Man I really appreciate this movie. It's all about Chuck - he is the swaggering superhero, the tough guy struggling against all odds to survive in a world gone mad. Heston was in his prime here and it's a joy to watch him work. This film is a real reflection of the times - eight track tapes, vinyl records, seventies fashion and hip slang. It's a fun film and even the variations from the original Richard Matheson book work here.

So here's to Netflix and technology... and whatever advances the future holds!


  1. Hey Doc,
    I couldn't agree with you more about Netflix and about The Omega Man. It's a real nostalgia fest for me. It was one of my late show favorites. Chuck Heston chewing through the scenery, and it still holds up. Give me a dose of Soylent Green and I'm good to go.

    Rock out with your shock out.

  2. As a longtime Matheson fan, I have to agree: THE OMEGA MAN is fun and best enjoyed on its own nostalgic merits, rather than strictly as an adaptation of his novel I AM LEGEND. THE LAST MAN ON EARTH is by far the most faithful version, despite the low budget. Will Smith's performance in the most recent one was a pleasant surprise, but so many of the changes they made from the book robbed Matheson's story of its dramatic power. For more on all three versions, see my forthcoming book RICHARD MATHESON ON SCREEN.

  3. ThThanks Bear and yeah, I need to re-watch Soylent Grren too. Vintage Heston is always great stuff.

  4. Hey Matthew - I also really like The Last Man on Earth. Its interesting to compare the differences between Morgan (Price) and Neville (Heston). Morgan is definitely a more cerebral character, and Neville a more physical one.

    I will indeed have to look for your book. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. My pleasure. FYI, it’s now tentatively set to be published in early October. Of course, you can always pre-order it. :-)