Tuesday, March 9

Insane interview with Lloyd Kauffman!

Things go horribly awry during an interview with Troma's Lloyd Kauffman. Can Dr. Gangrene get him back to the lab, administer medical attention, and save Kauffman and Troma (not to mention finish the interview)?

This interview was from an episode we did back in 2003 called "The Life and Death of Troma" - anyone who has ever tried to interview Lloyd knows you can't get a standard interview out of him -  so we thought we'd have fun with it and improvise a bit.

Between the black segments of these videos we showed trailers and music videos from Troma Productions, and made the whole episode a Troma special. Funny thing is I sent a copy to them afterwards and forget all about it. Year or two later I hear from a guy who works there that they have a break room with videos and a TV, and they played our video all the time and loved it! Glad they approved!!

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