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Wednesday, March 3

Recommended Movie of the Week - Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

My recommended Movie of the week is the 1972 Bob Clark classic Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things. I actually hosted this one live once, in an old fashioned spook show in a little theater above a coffee house in Nashville. It was a fun time and a packed house - I put a clip from that show in this video!


  1. I have to sit down and watch this all the way through this weekend. It has to one of the best titles for a horror flick ever.

  2. This movie is alright, the main character, the leader of the theater actors is so freaking annoying through out the whole movie, you just want to punch his lights out!

    I like the third half of the film, when the zombies finally show up.

  3. Yeah, that character is a bit grating - but just makes it that much better when he gets his just desserts. Genuinely creepy film, though- definitely watch it all the way through, Ormsby. Agreed on the title- neat to think this is made by the guy whom did a Christmas Story.