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Tuesday, March 30

Killer Whale the comic Book

Thought I'd share some more of the comics I drew before starting my gig as a horror host. This is a superhero character I created called Killer Whale. Obviously this is a spoof type book, and I really had fun with it. This is the first of a two part mini series. The second part will be online shortly. I also published several Killer Whale short stories in various books we published. I recently had a guy approach me on the internet to get these online where he could spotlight them as one of the great undiscovered characters. Wow! I was honored...

Synopsis - Frycook Willie Finn accidentally eats a radioactive fish sandwich and gains strange powers.He runs off with the fish restaurant's mascot costume, a whale, and begins a life as a costumed crime fighter.

So here without further adieu, I present Willie Finn, frycook, a.k.a. KILLER WHALE:

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