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Wednesday, March 3

What I'm Reading now

I had friend ask what I was reading at the moment, and I thought I'd share it here as well. It's "The Ten Cent Plague, (The Great Comic-Book Scare And How It Changed America)" by David Hajdu. is is a fascinating and detailed look at the origins of comics and their rise in popularity duiring their golden age, leading up to the whole hysteria fed crack-down on comics. I haven't gotten too far into it yet, (just a couple of chapters in and they're discussing Superman's meteoric rise in popularity at the moment), but I find in very interesting and Hajdu really knows his stuff.

I'm also re-reading The Invisible man. I stumbled across this paperback copy and realized I hadn't read this book since I was a kid. Isn't this cover great? You know, I didn't remember the famous unveiling scene in the book took place so early on. A mere 30 pages into the book and he was already freaking the locals out with his missing noggin. Good book. H.G. Wells was a real genius and these books are always worthy of a re-read.

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