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Sunday, August 8

Dark waters and delicious ones too

Well the Dark Waters movie that we aired on Creature Feature was indeed the shark film. Figures. I should have known, I suppose, as that fits right in with the rest of the films in that particular package they have license to right now.

My friend Jeano clued me in to something super cool recently - Hammer Studios is producing their own line of beers!

Label for 'Curse of Frankenstein' beer, by the Buxton Brewery Company Limited.

According to their website:

The Buxton Brewery Company Limited has signed a contract with Coolabi, which represents Hammer Films licensing worldwide, to produce three Hammer-themed beers for the European market.

Coffin Ale, a very pale ale, Dracula's Desire, a deep, blood-red bitter, and the very strong, full-bodied IPA Curse of Frankenstein will be available in bottles and on draught from September. Each will have a label or beer pump clip illustrated with a classic film poster image from the library of Hammer films.

Man that is awesome!! I must have these! Hopefully we'll be able to find them somewhere over here in America, otherwise I'll have to try and place an order.

Here is the official press release:

This is where orders can be placed later this year...

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