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Tuesday, August 10

The Lashman Cometh!

I haven't shaven in a couple of weeks in preparation for a role I'm doing in the new horror film by director Cameron McCasland, who also happens to be the director of my tv show, Dr. Gangrene's Creature Feature. It's called The Lashman and it's an 80s style slasher movie. I play the town drunk, Eustice, who warns the kids away from the woods or "The Lashman'll get ya."

We had a script reading and wardrobe check last night with all the cast and it went very well. Cameron begins shooting Thursday. My scene will be shot Sunday. More details later on...


  1. That's awesome! I live in Hendersonville, too, and I'm wrapping up filming on an 80s slasher rip-off/spoof.

  2. Hey very cool. You should contact me by email and give me more info. If there's a horror movie being filmed here in Hville I need to know!!