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Friday, August 27

Vampire Blood

A friend of mine (Mike Curtis, a.k.a. fellow horror host Count Basil from Memphis) recently pointed me to a pretty cool website:


On there I found an item that I remember oh too well from my Halloweens as a kid. It is one thing I always wanted from the store and usually got, because it was such a cheap item. I'm talking about the ever popular VAMPIRE BLOOD.

I don't remember the packaging as much as the tube itself. That design, with the dripping blood and the word vampire blood in it, is as clear in my mind as any other Halloween item. I always loved playing with the fake blood.

Of course if you had vampire blood you had to have fangs. Here is a cool piece of packaging from that same site with some vintage plastic teeth in it:

Ooh, EVIL TEETH. I love it! Don't remember necessarily having glow in the dark fangs, but that packaging is ultra cool so I had to put it on here.

So you got your blood, you got your fangs - you have to put it all together with a vampire costume. That's exactly what I did the Halloween this photo was taken. I am not sure how old I am here, but I'm going to guess around ten.

Just check out that hypnotic stare. I was totally digging this costume. I always did have a thing for the monsters. They were always my favorite costumes, and the homemade costumes were the best.

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