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Thursday, August 5

Horror Film Boot Camp


Horror Film Boot Camp Allows Students To Learn Filmmaking From Hatchet Cinematographer Will Barratt, Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman And More

Horror fans can become horror filmmakers at the Horror Film Boot Camp to be held in Los Angeles, CA, the weekend of September 10th – 12th. It’s the world’s only filmmaker’s training program dedicated exclusively to horror films and taught in one weekend, by experienced, working filmmakers.

Attendees from all over the world will be learning how to produce and direct commercial horror features from working professionals. There is still time for last minute sign-ups at the program’s website, HorrorFilmBootCamp.com, which includes details about the program as well as travel and hotel information.

The only filmmaker’s training program dedicated exclusively to horror films, this intense weekend will introduce attendees to seasoned, real world professionals including Troma legend Lloyd Kaufman, Cinematographer Will Barratt, stuntman and author Kurly Tlapoyawa, writer Spooky Dan Walker, and actor/producer Michael Emanuel.

Our teaching staff is impressive. Kaufaman is President and Co-Founder of Troma Studios up, and responsible for the highly influential movie The Toxic Avenger. Barratt was director of photography on films like Hatchet, Frozen, Spiral, Twisted Tales, and more. Tlapoyawa co-authored Direct Your Own Damn Movie with Troma Entertainment legend, Lloyd Kaufman. Walker has done effects in more than 50 TV shows and films, as well as written for leading horror websites. Emanuel is a successful actor who has produced a number of horror films and starred in the film Lucky. Moderator Lee Stranahan has worked in special effects and film and TV production for close to 30 years.

Horror Film Boot Camp Attendee Bryan Ryan said this about his experience “Honestly, it was the best thing I could have done for myself and my career. I think it's imperative for anyone planning a career in this field to get first-hand accounts from people who have struggled, know the business, and understand what it feels like to just want to tell a story. The advice I got from professionals like Darren Bousman and Spooky Dan Walker was absolutely priceless.”

Topics to be covered during the three-day experience include, the state of the horror market, scriptwriting and pre-production, casting challenges, makeup and prosthetics, practical and visual effects, stunts and fight scenes, building intensity with music and editing – and selling the film.

For more information:
Visit: http://HorrorFilmBootCamp.com Write: Lee@Stranahan.comPhone: (505) 217-3910

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