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Wednesday, August 4

Interview with Tomb Dragomir

Greetings Fright Fans,

This week we have a special guest from north of the border, a man who is best known for his duties as a very scary host. No I’m not talking about Alex Trebek, I’m talking about that ghost host with the most, the voice of Rue Morgue Radio, Tomb Dragomir.

Tomb, welcome to the lab. Glad you made your way to my secret hidden lair here.

Thanks Dr. G, it's pretty dark, I think I stepped on a Test-Tube...(crunch)

Tell me about your background as a young ghoul. Where did you grow up and were you always a horror fan or did you come into it later in life?

I grew up in out the country a few hours east of Toronto, and yeah I spent a lot of time in the dark basement watching old horror flicks and listening to weird radio shows like Dr. Demento or anything on TV I could get with our crappy radial antenna from Buffalo, sttuff like Tales from the Darkside and Elviria's Movie Macabre. I can't remember a time when I wasn't obsessed with the weird and scary side of life. When I was really little I always fascinated with the Bermuda Triangle, wondering what happened to all those people and imaging all the ghastly possibilities surrounding their disappearance.

So tell me about creating an episode of Rue Morgue Radio. What is the creative process, and how much input do each of the contributors have?

The finished show is an amalgamation of all the weirdos who make it. Feedback, Liisa and Shannon have full control over their segments and I use that inspiration to create the actual show around it into a crazy stream of consciousness of clips, quips and terrror tunes. There is nothing like this out there!

RMR is a weekly show – how long does each episode take to edit together?

Just from my end, it takes about 18-20 hours a week to edit everything together. I've managed to shave a few hours off production time over the years with technology upgrades but it's still a mighty long haul stitching this really big show together each week, but I think it's worth it and one of the reasons we stand out above the crowd.

The podcast has a real sense of humor that runs throughout. I’m guessing it’s important to you to have fun with such dark material?

Yeah, I think that's just me. I'm a bit of a goofball. I think if I tried to play it off all cool and serious it wouldn't work. It would come off sounding too fake I think.

My favorite thing about Rue Morgue Radio as opposed to other podcasts is the music. You guys rock! You really have your finger on the pulse of horror rock, current and past, and play a variety of genres, from soundtracks and scores to metal and everything in between.

Damn right.

I know all the staff of Rue Morgue has their own personal preference of music. Lisa obviously leans more toward goth and industrial music. I kind of gather you’re a Cramps guy – true?

True, Lux Interior was a true rock n roll madman, showman. Wild animal.

What are a few of your other favorite bands?

We all know about the Rob Zombies and the Marilyn Mansons but here's a few other RM Radio approved bands you might not know about but probably should:

Midnight Syndicate, Psychocharger, Dead Vampires, The Creepshow, The Residents, The Ghastly Ones, Deadbolt, Squid Lid, The Creeping Cruds, Ghoultown, The Forbidden Dimension, Zombina and the Skeletones, The Independents...The list goes on forever...

Rue Morgue Radio developed as an offshoot of Rue Morgue Magazine. How much did the Editor-in-Chief change from Jovanka to Dave Alexander affect the radio side of things?

The Radio is run independently from the Magazine. In fact, we're starting to meet fans out there who don't even know about the mag, which is weird, but cool. That said, Dave's been great and we're even working together to create some awesome fake trailers for the show and develop some new areas of content.

I love the banter between you and Shannon. It seems the two of you have a good chemistry and get along well. Are you friends outside of the show and hang out, or is it more of a co-worker relationship?

Actually, Shannon is probably my best friend that I never get to see. At risk of breaking the illusion, Shannon lives and works in Edmonton on-air at one of those EZ Rock stations and we pre-tape her weekly segment... Seriously though, she's awesome and we have a lot of fun with it.

If I had any criticism of RMR it’s that it sometimes seems too short! I’d especially like Feedback and Lance to have more time for their movie reviews. I’m guessing there is a conscious effort to keep it concise with a snappy format and leave fans wanting more, as opposed to having rambling program with no direction, right?

While I do always wanna leave 'em wanting more, there's also a lot of music to fit into to such a short time, but never fear all you Caustic Critics fans out there we're working on bringing you some new content that will expand the RM Radio sphere. I can't say much more right now, but stay tuned...!

The new horror music compilation Hymns from the House of Horror is terrific and a great way to spotlight some of the music featured on RMR. Can we look forward to more editions of Hymns?

Hell Yeah! The next one's gonna blow your mind's mind!

In closing where would you like to see Rue Morgue Radio go in the future? Any directions you’d like to see it expand or other areas you’d like to explore?

I'm already working on some new RM Radio related projects that I hope to introduce soon and begin to introduce visual elements into the mix in some off-shoot projects. I can't really say much more right now...cuz I just cut out my own tongue! *SLICE!* Blah ha ha ha... *drip, drip* oowy....sssNurse???

Well thanks again for spending some time with me here on Shackle Island. New episodes of Rue Morgue Radio come out every Friday. You can download them at: www.ruemorgueradio.com and they have an archive of tons of old shows. Go there and download to your black heart’s content, and tell em’ Dr. Gangrene sent ya!

Thanks Dr. G! Tell all your fiends to follow me on Twitter @Tombdragomir. Adios!


  1. Excellent interview, Dr. Gangrene!

    I love getting a chance to hear about the behind-the-scenes of Rue Morgue Radio, it really makes me appreciate what a great show it is even more.

  2. I'm so happy right now!! I love RMR (AND magazine). Very cool interview with a very cool guy!