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Sunday, November 6

Nashville Scene Cover Contest

In conjunction with the Nashville Scene cover last week we decided to have a little fun with it and hold a special contest. To enter folks had to take a picture of themselves holding a copy of the Nashville Scene with me on the cover. That was our only rule - beyond that they were free to take whatever pic they wanted. We got some really great pics, so I thought I'd share them here... I'll be drawing a winner tomorrow... Thanks again everyone - GREAT JOB!

Benjamin Kaboom

Supervillain  Fagan

Supervillain  Fagan

Chrissy Pedigo

Kelley Cothron

Matt Mclaughlin

Jacee Preston

 Jonathan Preston

Benjamin Kaboom

Brandon Lunday

Cameron McCasland


  1. Love the retro TV in Kaboom's first pic!

  2. The ones with the Shock monster mask are great! I see Zacherley, Vampira, and Elvira thrown in there.