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Sunday, November 27

Edward Van Sloan - Is there a Doctor in the House?

Another actor who appeared in both FRANKENSTEIN and DRACULA is Edward Van Sloan. Van Sloan played Professor Van Helsing in Dracula and Dr. Waldman in Frankenstein, and also delivered the unforgettable opening dialogue before Frankenstein.

 The Universal version of Dracula wasn't the first time Van Sloan and Lugosi had worked together, however; the two had appeared together in the American stage version of Dracula years earlier, working together night after night.

I like to think the two were, while perhaps not close friends, at least friendly with one another. They were cast in two other productions together - THE DEATH KISS in 1932 and the serial THE PHANTOM CREEPS in 1939.

Like Dwight Frye, Van Sloan was somewhat typecast after Dracula, with the majority of his film roles being doctors, professors and wise men of some sort much like Van Helsing. Fortunately for him that provided many more opportunities than poor Dwight Frye was offered, and Van Sloan appeared in over 80 films, the last in 1950. Van Sloan also appeared in the Universal classics THE MUMMY, 1932, (as Dr. Muller) and DRACULA'S DAUGHTER, 1936, (as Professor Von Helsing). He passed away in 1964 at age 81. I consider Van Sloan one of the classic Universal horror actors, and a huge part of Dracula and Frankenstein, the two films we're celebrating this month. Here's to ya, Edward.

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