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Friday, November 18

Scripts from the Crypt!

Wanted to tell you ghouls about a great new book called SCRIPTS FROM THE CRYPT. This is the first in a new series of books from prolific writer Tom Weaver, and features the original shooting script, behind the scenes interviews, archival stuff and other goodies and curios. It's available from BearManor, Amazon or your favorite bookseller.

This volume features a gorgeous cover by my buddy Marty Baumann, and when you flip the book over  you get the same treatment for "Bride and the Beast" with a cover by Kerry Gammill. Next up: THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN with similar awesome treatment!!

I have to admit a real soft spot for The Hideous Sun Demon. I LOVE that picture, flaws and all - it's my favorite B-movie!

By the way, speaking of Marty Baumann, be sure to check out his awesome website THE ASTOUNDING B MONSTER http://www.bmonster.com - No longer updated regularly it is still a terrific resource with some great articles and interviews. While active Marty won the Rondo award annually. Once he retired it opened the door for some other sites to win (like this one) but The B-Monster is still the king in my book!


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