Saturday, February 20

Happy Birthday Poison Ivy

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Today is the birthday of Poison Ivy Rorschach (Kristy Wallace) from The Cramps! Happy birthday, Ivy. I know it's been a tough year, with the passing of Lux, but I wish you the best.  Hope you have a great birthday.

The Cramps are the Rockabilly kings - truly great stuff. Glad to see Lux inducted in the Rondo Hall of Fame last year. Here's a couple of videos for ya. 

The Cramps "I was a Teenage Werewolf" Live

Here's The Cramps "Tear It Up" Live


  1. Does anyone know who took this photo? It's a very beautiful photo of her. Amazing.

  2. Not sure - got it off flicker here:

    you might ask them see if they know.


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