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Tuesday, February 9

Happy birthday Lon Chaney Jr.

104 years ago a legend was born... Feb. 10 marks the birthdate of the one and only Lon Chaney Jr. Appropriate that it falls on the week that the remake of The Wolf Man hits the theaters. Lon was, until now, the only actor to ever play the part of the Universal Wolf Man... he even referred to the part as his "baby." Would have been even better if the movie premiered tonight, but perhaps somewhere someone is seeing a sneak preview of it this evening.

In honor of Lon Jr. here's a clip from an interview where he talks about his thoughts on the state of horror films at that time. Now I've read this excerpt before, but until tonight had never heard it. It was obviously done very late in his career, and you can hear the toll alcoholism had paid on him in his voice. He was only 67 when he passed away, way too young. Here's to ya, Lon!

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