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Saturday, February 27

Sir Cecil Creape

Nashville's best known horror host is Sir Cecil Creape, played by the late great Russ McCown. His original show ran on WSM-TV ch4 from 1970-73. This was back in the days where we only had 4 channels here. His show ran Saturday nights at 10:30pm

I unearthed a classic clip of Sir Cecil and posted it on youtube recently - it is from his 1971 Christmas special and features a quartet of disenbodied heads singing that old Transylvanian classic, "I'm dreaming of a cold body." Classic stuff!

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  1. Omgosh!! I remember him. I was scared to death of him. My mom and older sister loved those old scary movies. I don’t remember the singing heads I don’t think but that was hilarious. This was classic alright. Thank you for this. ��