Sunday, February 21


I was having a discussion with my director, Cameron McCasland, about what was our favorite movies of 2009. I mentioned I was going with Drag Me To Hell, and he agreed it's a great film. However, he said his choice was Moon. I decided to check it out to see for myself just what makes it worthy of movie of the year, so i rented it and watched it twice over the past few days.

I have to say, it is a really, really good movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is smart, unique, and moving, and best of all it does exactly what any good Science Fiction film  should - it makes you think. I found myself pondering the story for days afterwards. Even my wife really liked it, and she's not really a sci-fi kinda person. I totally see why Cameron would choose it and can't really argue it is a worthy selection.

Here's the trailer for Moon - if you haven't seen it yet, so yourself a favor and watch it before you vote in the Rondos - you might just agree with Cameron!

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