Thursday, February 25


My good friends Rod Barnett and Troy Guinn have started a podcast that is dedicated completely to Paul Naschy and his catalog of films. They'll be going through them one by one, taking an in-depth look at the movies and the impact they had on each of them. Pretty cool.
You can download it here

I was just listening to the first podcast for the movie Frankenstein's Bloody Terror - while I was listening I was going through some old zip discs I have and lo and behold, what did I run across but a drive-in ad for that very film! Back in the early 200s I was going through the microfilm over at Vanderbilt University, researching articles on Sir Cecil Creape. While rolling through the microfilm, if I ran across a cool looking drive-in ad, I'd print a copy.

One of the ones I found and liked was that one, at the Bordeaux drive-in, a double feature of it and 5 Bloody Graves, whatever in the heck that is! Here's a few of the ones I ran across and saved. Cool stuff!

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