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Wednesday, February 17

The Rondos are Coming, The Rondos are Coming!

We’re just days away from the announcement of the ballot for this year’s Rondo Awards.

The Rondo Awards are a yearly award to celebrate Classic Horror Excellence in the world of entertainment. This is the 8th year running for the Rondos – what started as a small “fan” award by Dave Colton on the AOL message boards has grown into a nationally recognized and celebrated event. The Rondos, unlike many other awards, are a fan voted award – the ballot is open to the public and everyone is encouraged to vote.

The categories are varied and seem to grow each year. 
Last year’s official categories were:

Best Film of 2008
Best TV Presentation

Best Classic DVD

Best Classic Horror Collection

Best Classic TV Collection

Best Restoration

Best DVD Extra

Best DVD Commentary
Best Independent Film

Best Book
Best Magazine

Best Article
Best Cover

Best Website

Best Blog

Best Convention
Best Fan Event

Favorite Horror Host
Best Horror Audio Site

Best CD

Best Horror Comic Book

Best Toy, Model or Collectible
Count Alucard’s Controversy of the Year

Film Most in Need of DVD Release or Restoration

Writer of the Year

Artist of the Year

DVD Reviewer of the Year

Monster Kid of the Year

Monster Kid Hall of Fame

There is still time to make nominations – but only for the next few days. Go to www.classichorrorfilmboard.com and leave your nominations in the Rondo thread there. If you have something or someone you think is Rondo-worthy, definitely take the time to go make a nomination there.

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